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Lighting In The Bedroom

When you are about to decorate the attic bedroom, there are some steps that you can take so that you will be able to decorate it nicely. The followings are some tips that you can follow so that you can decorate the attic bedroom that you want.Deciding the location of bed will be the first thing that you should do. For this, you should consider about placing the bed to the one side of the attic not placing it in the middle. You should also look for the place where the roof is not too short in order to allow you to install a ceiling fan over your bed. A ceiling fan over your bed will be very important to keep the temperature of the room nice since usually the attic bedrooms will be very hot in the summer although you have the air conditioning inside.

Getting the space for seating area is the next thing that you should do. For this, you can choose another side of the room by placing comfortable chairs or loveseat. You can also place small sofa. You will find that such furniture will give you a cozy place that you need for your relaxing without overwhelming the space. You can also add the lighting and table so that you will have perfect spot to read a book and curl up.Getting a closet for your attic bedroom is the last thing that you should do. You will find that you can have open closet for this bedroom. But, you have to make sure that you can keep the closet looks neat and great. You are not allowed to keep everything in the closet so that this will make the closet clutter.Now, you have beautiful attic bedroom that you can use for spending your relaxing time. You will also have a comfort bed for sleeping.

Lighting of the room can also be considered. If you do not like sleeping in the dark you can use table lamp. If you decorate a room for your teenage son you can get modern look table lamp. Well, there are so many types of table lamp selection that you can choose. You should get one that match with the interior design of the room.For children bedroom you can place study table and space for them to play in the bedroom. You should not place hard materials that might hurt your children.Add paintings or photos in the bedroom. Make sure that you add the right paintings or photos to the bedroom. Elegant-looking room can be good to be added with classic paintings. You can put colorful photos or paintings in the children bedroom because children should live in lively room.You will find that large bedrooms that in most bungalows and cods are upstairs. This is a part of their attraction and the charm. You might also have attic bedroom that you should decorate. In this case, you will find that decorating attic bedroom can be challenging. This is because there are slopping roof lines and stairs. However, you will be able to decorate it to be more outstanding with little creativity.

Youre tired of your old bedroom style, and youre looking for ways to spice up the look and feel of your sanctuary. One of the more popular design themes today is Chinese antiques. The look and feel of the old wood, intricate carvings, lush colors, and rich gems can make for a luxurious bedroom d├ęcor.Depending upon your budget, you can go for reproduction antiques (newly made items that are created with the look and feel of antiques) or the real deal. Actual Chinese antiques are going to increase your budget, but if you have the money, at least spring for a few real antiques. Pick one or two major focal items and go from there. For example, you could buy an antique armoire or dressing cabinet, and based on its style and coloring, you could add reproduction pieces to the room to finish off the look.

An antique chest could sit at the foot of your bed. An antique vanity or a reproduction vanity would be a good addition to a corner of your bedroom. A small Tibetan square table or two could act as bedside tables or night stands. Add some Buddhist statues and artwork to put some finishing touches on the antique look of your bedroom.Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics in order to align Heaven and Earth to receive positive qi or energy in your home. Feng shui decoration in your bedroom is an extremely good idea because it is believed to provide the proper type of energy needed in all realms of your life, and in the bedroom it can be aligned to provide healing and calming energy. Feng shui can easily be incorporated into your antique style bedroom. Feng shui suggests that the best color to paint bedroom walls are the "skin colors" - varying from a pale pink to a chocolate brown. Place your bed in such a way that it is accessible from either side, and be sure to have twin antique bedside tables on either side. In feng shui, it is best if you dont align your bed directly with the door.

Lighting In The Bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom is extremely important when
you are decorating. Many people often forget about the
lighting and it really makes a big difference when you
are decorating your bedroom.

The first thing you must think about when you are
designing the lighting in your bedroom is layering.
You must layer the lighting.

When you layer the lighting in the bedroom it gives
you the opportunity to create the different moods you
are hoping for. You should always have lamps on
bedside tables and another light across the room
diagonal from the bed.

This allows the lighting to be balanced in the room.
You also might consider light sources on a dimmer
switch that allow you to select the balance of light
that is emitted into the room.

One thing you do not want to do in your bedroom is
have a ceiling fan with a light on it. If you must
have a ceiling fan in the room then it is fine.

You should not have a light drooping from a ceiling
fan because it looks tacky. Your bedroom needs to have
the sexy look and a light from a ceiling fan will ruin
the look.

It is also a good idea to use different bulbs for the
lighting in the room to give a different look. Using
recessed bulbs with floor and table lamps can give the
look of washing the room with a soft light.

However, you also are layering the room with different
lighting and it gives the look of pure elegance that
you need to accomplish a nicely decorated bedroom.

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